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Consultant at work

What We Do

We provide Business requirements analysis: understanding the client's business needs and adapting appropriate information system solutions.
Selection of information systems: advice on the selection and implementation of ERP systems, CRM and other tools.
Integration of systems: ensuring compatibility and integration of different information systems for smooth operation.
Information security: consulting in the areas of information protection, including cyber protection and data privacy.
Administrative support:
Streamlining processes: analyzing and improving business processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
Training of teams: training of teams and managers on the correct use of information systems.
Change management: managing change processes in the organization as a result of implementing new systems.
Project support:
Project planning: creating detailed work plans, including milestones and measures of success.
Risk management: identifying and managing potential risks in the project.
Monitoring and control: using tools to monitor the progress of the project and implementing indicators for control.
Problem solving: support in finding solutions to problems that arise during the project.

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