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How to Choose an ERP to Manage a Small Business

If you’re managing a small business, there’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to choosing the best ERP system to manage your operational business processes and finances. Small businesses, from a few, up to 50 employees, can learn, use, and enjoy the value-added benefits of an ERP. Gone are the days of complex and costly systems once designed for large-size companies only. Today, any small business that’s on the rise, and primed and ready to forge ahead, can generate measurable value from an ERP more

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What is an ERP Implementation?

An ERP implementation includes installing your new software, transferring all of your business data, mapping your processes, and then, training your employees to use the software, and how to take advantage of its many benefits – to better do their jobs. Although it may appear to be pretty straightforward, ERP implementation can take months or even years to complete. Read More


What Is a Supply Chain?

A supply chain is the ecosystem of connections between a company and its suppliers. This network includes different stakeholders, activities, people, entities, information, and resources. Read More


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